Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pink Pancakes (Fancy Pancakes)

The other morning my three year decided she wanted pink pancakes

and these days I'd do anything to get a few bites in her mouth.
So with Kaity's help we made hot pink Pancakes it was a huge hit
Jared wasn't too thrilled but I added his blueberries and it was
all the same to him. So I think from now on I will make
Fancy pancakes That will be the new name for it in the Tanaka


Kim Bee said...

Pancakes in pink...this is sheer genius. Your daughter is my hero.

Anonymous said...

i love it!!!!!! my little princess needs to eat more (some days she never stops and once in a while she just isn't hungry) pancakes would do it im SURE! thanks :)

ps - new follower

ramona from